CubeView is a web based SaaS (Software as a Service) product which provides 360 degree solution for day-to-day management of School’s deliverables ensuring School’s Goals.

Does CubeView Needs Any Pre requisite software/hardware to install in Madarasa Environment?
No, CubeView does not require any hardware/software to install; it can be access through any of your existing device like PC/laptop/Tabs/I pads and Mobile Phones. It is cloud based software.
How long does it take to learn to use the system?
CubeView is designed to be easy to use for everyone from students to parents as well as for teachers, Administrators. Usually our Users are up and running within minutes, carrying out student assessments with few clicks.
Can I track individual student progress?
Yes absolutely, this is exactly what CubeView is designed to do. Its student assessment feature will even flag up exceptions and create alerts so that poor performers or indeed high achievers can be quickly identified and appropriate action plans developed.
Can parents access their child’s progress?
Yes parents can be given access to their child’s Dashboards to access their Attendance and daily Dairy and progress status to provide in-home support to the learning process.
How much does CubeView cost?
Each solution is developed specifically for the individual Schools so prices vary dependent on School size. We are happy to discuss our prices, to find out more contact us to arrange a no obligation free webinar or Online meeting from one of our Consultants.
Contact support:
Log in to your CubeView and navigate to the help section to submit a new ticket.

E: helpdesk@cubeview.co.uk
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